Interview 23

This film was originally written and shot the weekend of June 13th for a 24-hour film race. After the race I re-wrote parts of the film and we re-shot it to come up with this final version.



We created a short film for this year’s Four Points Film Project. Unfortunately we didn’t make it into the top 15, but—as always—this is our best film ever!

Film Stock Test

After my fail with the monopod, I went back out with my tripod and shot some more footage to try color grading. I am far more satisfied with the results I got this time. I suppose this just reinforced something that I already knew, stabilization is essential!

Some of the shots look a little soft, I think the reason for that is the cheap 2x teleconverter that I had on. Looks like another lesson learned.

Warp Stabilizer Doesn’t Always Work

I recently found some film stock LUTs online that I wanted to tryout, so I went to a park down the road and took a few test shots. The problem is that I wanted to travel light, so I just took my monopod.

When I got back I saw how shaky my footage was, so I dropped a warp stabilizer on it… and it still looked like crap! Sure the motion is gone, but the motion BLUR is still there.

In summary, lesson learned. Next time I’m taking my tripod.

Character Perspective Assignment

Over the weekend I filmed my most recent assignment on character perspectives. The objective of the assignment was to film the same scene twice, each time filming so the audience would relate to a different character.

While it was interesting to shoot the same scene twice and see how much it really does change how you relate to a certain character, the best thing that I learned is that it is actually important to create a shot list. Every video that I’ve done before this one was just flying by the seat of my pants, so it was nice to actually write down a shot list and spend time thinking about why I should use a shot.

Anyways, here’s the video. Let me know what you think.
[vimeo 50684136 w=600]