A little update on my current project. I have the sound effects mixed in and a basic dialogue track. I’m not happy with the way the dialogue sounds right now though, so I’m going to go back and see if I can fix it up at all.

I also layed down a basic music track from the stock music that comes with Adobe’s CS5. Obviously the music sounds incredibly bad/cheese in a way that only those free stock tracks can, so I’m going to have to decide if I like the cheese or if it needs replaced with something of my own design. Either way I’m planning on having this project finished up this weekend. Then I can spend more time on the preproduction of my next film!


Audio Editing

I finally had some time to start adding in all of the sound effects. I’m about 30% done now, all of the gunshot sounds are in and I have the dialogue from the sound recorder dubbed over the camera sound track. So far it seems that rendering out a cut of the film with the original audio then using that as a basis is the easiest way to go about adding in the sound effects.

A Day in the Park – Production Update

My recent short film ‘A Day in the Park’ has finally made it through the compositing process and has moved into the land of audio. As my experience with audio production is very limited (synchronizing two-system sound is about the extent of it) this will be the most time consuming part of this production, but as this will also be where I learn the most I look forward to it –apprehensively.