First of all let me thank you for your interest in my blog. I’m starting this blog as a record of my exploits in cinematography. I am by no means an expert, but I hope my writings will both encourage and educate my fellow FNG independent filmmakers.

What’s the meaning behind the 618?

618 is a reference to the golden ratio. This ratio is the basis for the rule-of-thirds, widescreen aspect ratio, and numerous other design principles. Basically the .618 is that little extra that makes things just feel right.

What films have you already done?

I have written and directed six short films and was the director of photography and editor for two others. The first several films were all just learning experiences, but I currently have two films in the post-production phase that I will be posting online for your enjoyment/amusement.

Do you have any cinematography training?

No. Everything I know about cinematography I read online, saw in a podcast, learned through trial and error, or is an adaptation of still photography concepts. When I was first looking into going to college I was planning on attending an art program in visual effects, but ultimately I decided that the cost was far beyond reason.

What are your favorite educational resources that you’ve found?

Filmriot (http://revision3.com/filmriot) is a great bi-weekly podcast that covers various topics about filmmaking. I have been watching the show since it’s first year and have learned a lot even when I didn’t put the concept into practice immediately.

The DV Rebel’s Guide, while a little dated on the technology side, is a great book that covers the basics of everything from planning through post production.


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